Factors to consider when choosing an online slot. Type of slots:

Slots online have come a long way. They began in the land-based casino using the ancient traditional three-reel slots which were centered on fruit machines. There are players who fancy the old design and there are still lots of them available today. Although they are not as recognized as games with enhanced paylines. The most common slots are often based on 5 or more paylines and usually consist of bonus rounds and enhanced graphics in comparison to the standard three-reel slot games.

The unleashing if the honeycomb models are one of the most recent developments in slots. Here each symbol comes in the shape of a diamond so as to form the image of a honeycomb across the entire slot as a result of its interlocking diamond layout. Most times, players of the honeycomb slots are making efforts to link three or more symbols so as to attain payouts as opposed to matching symbols on paylines.

Players also have the capacity to try out Avalanche video slots. This model was initially introduced by NetEnt in the year 2010 when they released their highly recognized slot known as Gonzo’s Quest. Winning symbols will vanish on Avalanche slot and the space made with the vanishing symbols will be filed using symbols that come down in form of snow during an avalanche. Avalanche slots also provide players with extra bonuses which enhances the possibility of winning.

Jackpots offered

Most of the huge money online casino winnings would be offered on a progressive jackpot slot with some giving the players the opportunity to attain amazing prizes.

On progressive slot games, a little percentage of each bet is put in the progressive jackpot. Numerous online casinos add diverse percentages, with some adding as much as 50 percent to the pool.

The jackpot keeps growing until someone wins. Some online casinos will merge their slot network so that numerous diverse slot games add to one progressive jackpot regardless of where they are situated.

Although progressive slots provide the hugest jackpot possible, players will often be required to be the peak stake in order to benefit from this feature and frequent wins will also be less so as to keep the life-altering progressive jackpot running, with some even surpassing the mark of $1Million.

Other kinds of jackpots consist of multiplier jackpots which offer payment depending on the amount players wager and stake. so if a player bets $10 and is able to match three symbols he would win $50 which means a player who bets $30 will be able to win $150. Also available are standalone slots which pay our passed according to a schedule for payouts. They often provide frequent payout but less top prizes because they don’t have a progressive jackpot.

Return to Player (RTP)

Most players may not know what RTP means. But it is used by casinos to characterize the percentage of any placed cash. It will be paid back to players as time goes on from. It is often placed in the terms and conditions beneath the page.

If you are a fan of stats, then choosing a slot based on RTP is not a bad strategy and it is one of the best methods of enhancing your possibility of leaving a slot with great profit.

Mobile Compatibility

An increasing amount of players are starting to utilize mobile in playing online slots at mobile casinos. But not all slots can be played via your smartphone. So if you want a slot that is compatible on your smartphone, you may want to properly carry out your research before making a choice.


This has to do with choosing online slots based on themes. This can be useful to players who are now aware of what paylines or progressive jackpots are. Pink Panther is a slot game many players love. Branding is crucial when it has to do with choosing a slot and should not be given a low priority. The following are some popular themes which include Animal-based themes, Magic theme, Space and Alien theme as well as horror them among a host of others.

How to Play Slots Online

Those who frequently play online slots often create specific ways of playing and even follow specific rituals that they believe might enhance their winning possibilities. If these things ensure you have fun while playing, then it is advisable you continue engaging in them. Here are a few tips that are certain to ensure you have a great experience while playing.

They include:

  • Monitor the amount of cash you are losing, winning and spending
  • Cease playing the moment you have lost the amount you came to spend
  • When you have won a reasonable amount of cash, stop.
  • Play to have fun and not to get the rent for the month
  • Concentrate on the moment


Regardless of the methods, you utilize in choosing online slots, with the numerous amounts of slots out there, you are definitely going to come across some slots you fancy and want to keep heading back to which is awesome. But don't be scared of trying recent releases. You won't fancy all online slots you try out but it is always reasonable to try out something new once in a while.